M&N Supplies top selling picture framing products and accessories

KIKUSUI self-adhesive tape Gallery system V nailer New mouldings AL Series Stretcher bars Foamboards Matboards Hangers
KIKUSUI self-adhesive tape
Gallery system
V Nailer
New Mouldings AL Series
Stretcher bars

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M&N Supplies now offers wholesale framing at competitive prices.

M&N Supplies Pty Ltd is family-operated, independent and Australian-owned. It is not connected with foreign-owned organizations and does not remit its profits overseas.

The Company supplies businesses involved in the visual arts industries including advertising, conservation, craft, graphics, photography, picture framing, painting and allied fine arts as well as related organizations such as universities, museums, galleries, Government departments and others.

More and more people are using the Internet as an efficient and inexpensive shopping alternative. You too can now more easily access the information you need and buy our products at anytime without having to specifically ring us or to wait for our offices to open.

Simply log on to our web site, browse through the thumbnailed Product Catalogue, add the items you want to buy to your " shopping cart" and follow the instructions to submit your order to us. In most cases you will receive your order the next day provided to there being no mistakes and subject to our Conditions of Sale. Resource